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Who We Are

We are a small, remote, part-time team who share a mutual passion for the topics we cover like skincare, haircare, fitness, health, and the science of beauty. Our site’s origin dates back several years as the offshoot of a now defunct online forum concerned with similar topics.

Our goal is simple. It’s to make Max My Looks the best free online resource for helping people to become better looking. Our method relies on fact rather than opinion and thus every guide and article is created with extensive research and supported by sources (scientific studies from reputable journals and/or other original research).

Our Writers

Mo– Health, Oral Hygiene
Rachel – Skincare, Haircare, Beauty
Leon – Fitness
Elias – Men’s Hair
Alyssa – Skincare, Haircare, Beauty
Samantha – Women’s Hair


You can always reach out to us on social media:

For general questions, you can email us at contact {at} maxmylooks {dot} com