Should You Get Your Beauty Mark Removed?

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Beauty marks, otherwise known less affectionately as moles (yes we’re aware there are other types but these will be the focus for today), are interesting features if you really think about them.

The name itself, “beauty mark”, implies you were touched with a mark of beauty at birth, destined to ooze sex appeal out of every pore in your body. Of course, the reality is some beauty marks look better than others. They can range from being the signature feature on your face (think Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe) to being a drawback that detracts from your overall appearance.

People can have several beauty marks and moles scattered throughout their body but it’s those on the face we’re most interested in here since they draw the most attention. An ugly mole in the wrong spot can wreck your self-esteem enough to have you thinking about removing it. But before you do anything, consider whether it’s actually helping or hurting your appearance.

“Wait having a mole can be a good thing?” Sometimes.

We often talk about adding personality to your look, something that is uniquely your own that sets you apart from other people whether it be through a hairstyle, an item of clothing, or whatever. Something you become known for that sticks in people’s minds long after they first meet you.

Slightly unconventional features that would be a negative on their own but add to the allure of who you are can be one of these things. Moles fall into the same category as cross eyes or a slightly crooked tooth. They can look endearing even though they’re technically imperfections. A reminder of how you don’t need to be absolutely perfect to be good looking and how a minor flaw can sometimes add more than it subtracts.

That being said, there are two factors you should consider about your mole before removing it.

How Big Is It?

Some moles are tiny dots, barely noticeable to anyone not paying attention. Others can span an entire inch or even more in diameter and become the focal point of your face. It’s when this happens that the mole becomes less of a beauty mark and more of a…. mole. Larger moles aren’t the most appealing thing in the world and we don’t blame you for wanting to get one removed. We talk about how to do so further below.

Also consider how elevated the mole is. Whether the mole is elevated or not refers to how high off the skin it rises. This contributes to its overall size and it plays a huge factor in whether your mole will look good on you or not.

In general if you have many moles you’re thinking about removing the elevated ones should be the first to go since they’re usually the least attractive. The flat moles that resemble a skin tag are much less important and don’t have much as much of an influence on the way you look, especially if they’re of the smaller kind.

Where Is It?

Location is even more important than size. Again, we’re not concerned with those on the body since we can just cover them up. The precise location of those on the face is what will influence your attractiveness the most and what we’re focusing on. Of course you can have the others removed too if you’d like but unless they’re really ugly to look at you don’t have to worry about them too much.

Marilyn Monroe Beauty Mark
A mole just above the outer corner of the lips is considered ideal by most people.

The ideal place for a beauty mark is anywhere around the lips. Cindy Crawford has one just above the lip on the left side of her face. Can we really say she’d be much better looking without one? Not really. Maybe she’d be slightly better looking than she already is but that mole made her a career and became her signature feature.

Other examples are Kate Upton and Marilyn Monroe. Both have similar beauty marks and neither of their moles detract from their looks at all. Eva Mendes has one a little further out above her lip and she also pulls it off very well. If you have one in this general area don’t worry about it too much.

Enrique Iglesias Mole
Enrique Iglesias proved you could still look good with a mole even in a less than ideal spot.

The areas around the cheeks and nose are more hit or miss. Enrique Iglesias use to have a mole a little underneath his right eye. In his case, the mole was slightly larger than ideal. Although we don’t think he looks particularly better without it nowadays because you can already tell he was attractive beforehand. He mostly just looks different. If you have a mole in this area consider its size. If it’s pretty large you should consider removing it but if it’s just a tag or relatively small in size it won’t make much of a difference.

Moles on the nose and prominent ones further up on the forehead are probably the least ideal positions. This may be an opinion more than fact but really if you had to choose a place for your beauty mark would you not have it elsewhere? Regardless, you should look at your own situation objectively. Take into account its size and location, and ask yourself if it’s really worth going through the trouble or if you’ll see a real improvement when you look in the mirror by removing it.

How to Remove a Mole

If you do choose to remove your beauty mark removed, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist rather than doing any at-home procedures yourself. You run the risk of infection, excessive bleeding, and increase the likelihood of getting an ugly scar if you try taking it out yourself. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If you do get it done by a professional, they’ll use one of these three methods:

1. A scalpel to shave it off (you get an anesthetic).
2. A surgical excision which removes a larger chunk of the skin and then stitches up the wound. This procedure is usually only done on larger moles.
3. A laser to peel it off. Laser removals are usually done only on smaller moles.

You may get a scar where the mole used to be but it shouldn’t be anything too bad. Some scars fade after several months or a couple of years while other stick around. It won’t be as noticeable as the mole itself but you should take steps to reduce any scarring anyways by avoiding direct sunlight and using antibiotic creams to help it heal. Your doctor will tell you more about this.

Also be aware that moles can grow back. This isn’t dangerous or anything just annoying because you’ll have to get them removed again if you want it gone. Sometimes only a part of it grows back and at a smaller size.

All three procedures are outpatient and done relatively quick. Prices can vary a lot depending on location so it’s a good idea to get multiple quotes and shop around.

There are also creams that claim they can remove your moles but we’re not entirely sure about their effectiveness or trust their safety so we can’t recommend them. Think about it, if they can peel off a mole what will they do to the rest of your skin? If you have any experience with mole removal creams let us know in the comments below!

Other Home Remedies For Mole Removal

There are no scientific studies that have proved the effectiveness of the following but some people still swear by them so we’re letting you know what your options are.

The most popular home remedy for removing moles is apple cider vinegar (ACV). ACV is acidic and it works similarly to commercial facial peels by exfoliating and removing the outermost surface layer of skin cells. The theory is that over time, the mole will eventually peel off. While this may work on the smallest of the moles, ACV isn’t a replacement for complete surgical removal. At best you can expect the appearance of the mole to slightly improve and lighten its pigment.

To use ACV get a few drops on a cotton ball and then bandage it over the mole. It’s best to leave it on overnight and remove the next morning. How long it takes for it’s appearance to improve depends on its size and how deeply pigmented it is so you’ll want to do this every night for at least a week before you see any results.

Other popular remedies include garlic, iodine, and castor oil mixed with baking soda. Garlic and iodine work similarly to ACV: Bandage it over the mole and leave it on overnight. With castor oil and baking soda, you form a paste which you can apply directly to the mole.

Again, these methods may slightly improve the appearance of moles but they are not replacements for surgical removal which is your best option for completely getting rid of moles fast.


In most cases, your beauty mark is a neutral feature. Whether you have it removed or not will not make a huge impact on the way you look unless it’s obscenely large or located in a bad area.

If it’s generally flat and located around your lips we actually recommend keeping it. In these types of cases, it adds a unique feature to your face which can become memorable in a good way.

If you feel your beauty mark truly is more of an “ugly mark”, we recommend seeing a professional and getting it surgically removed. At home remedies may work but are not worth the risk. Have any comments on beauty marks and/or moles in general? Let us know @maxmylooks.

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