Men’s Hairstyle Guide: Choosing The Perfect Hairstyle For You

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Something we’ve realized over the years, after reading enough “What should I do with my hair?” pleas for help online — is that the majority of men really haven’t got the slightest idea of where to even begin.

Our goal with this guide is to change that.

Getting a better hairstyle is the quickest and easiest way of improving your appearance so it makes sense to invest in your hair. What else can you have done in 15-20 min. that’ll have as much of an impact as a quality haircut? Your hair plays a large role in influencing the way others perceive you. Not just your attractiveness but your persona as a whole (we’ll explain further below).

So if you’re one of those people that are stuck on what to do with their hair you’re at the right place. We’re going to help you choose a hairstyle and guide you through the entire process in this multi-part series.

Where Most Guys Go Wrong With Their Hair

The biggest mistake we see guys making is they find a picture on the internet or in a magazine and then ask how can they replicate it. The thought process is that if you were to get the same hairstyle you’d get the same result (an attractive appearance).

Unfortunately things are rarely ever that simple.

Choosing a hairstyle isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. It’s difficult because there are many factors which you have to take into account and they determine whether you’re capable of pulling off a hairstyle or not.

You’ll run into problems when you ignore one of these factors which includes everything from:

  • The density of your hair
  • The shape of your face
  • Your hair type (aka its texture)
  • Your facial features
  • Your lifestyle demands
  • Even the type of environment you live in

What works for one person isn’t always guaranteed to work for another.

A man with a receding hairline won’t be able to pull off the same styles as a teenager.

A man with a wide, square face won’t be able to pull off a style meant for someone with a longer head and features.

A man working in a corporate environment won’t have the same freedom to experiment with their hair as someone in a band.

Your ultimate goal is to make the most of whatever you’re working with.

You do this by experimenting and then observing how your hair reacts under different conditions. By conditions we mean anything that affect its appearance from the humidity in the air to the texture it develops after over-washing it. Understanding these nuances will help you fine tune your hairstyles and adapt them to the situation so you’ll always look good.

So try different things out like styling your hair before and after a shower. Moist hair will hold differently than dry hair which will hold differently than oily hair. Towel dried hair will hold differently than blow dried hair. Different products will give your hair a different shine. If you’ve always sported longer hair, try a shorter cut. If you’ve never ventured from a high and tight military style try growing your hair out.

Experiment until you find something you really like and then perfect it.

Remember it doesn’t even have to be completely unique because truth be told uniqueness isn’t that important. You just need something that looks good — whether that’s a crew cut, a quiff, a buzz cut, a short sides and long top cut, a longer messy bedhead look, or any other hairstyle.

The Gameplan For A Better Hairstyle

Follow the steps below to narrow down your search for a hairstyle that best suits you.

(We also link to the next part at the end of this post).

  1. First, you need to find your face shape and consider your hair type (curly, wavy, thin, thick?)
  2. Then, try experimenting with no shampoo and learn how to put together an effective hair care routine.
  3. When you’re ready to get it cut, learn how to tell your barber or hairstylist exactly what you want. Miscommunication is the leading cause of suicidal thoughts after leaving a barbershop.
  4. Experiment with different hair styling products and get your styling routine in check.
  5. Ask for feedback in real life and online. People are a little lot more honest online.

Remembering The Little Things

Everyone’s hair is different and you’ll have your own obstacles to overcome along the way.

For example:

A poorly placed cowlick is a real problem for many guys. A cowlick is a section of hair that grows in a different direction than the surrounding hairs. Usually it’ll look out of place and stick out awkwardly.

Something you can do instead of trying to work against a cowlick by forcing it into an unnatural position like many guys attempt to do, is to let it fall in the direction it naturally settles in or get a hairstyle that takes advantage of the way it sticks out.

Another example is if you have any small bumps or moles on your head (more common than you think) — make sure you tell the person cutting your hair so they can help you conceal it by leaving your hair slightly longer in those areas or by cutting layers in to camouflage it.

Or if you suspect you’re beginning to lose your hair — prepare yourself and take action to stop it from getting any worse. We have an entirely separate set of guides addressing balding and how you can look good despite having less hair.

These are the little things which add up and will improve your hairstyle when you successfully take them into account.

Nervous About Changing Hairstyles?

Some of you will be more cautious of experimenting because you’ve either became attached to your current hairstyle or because you’ve become known among your social group for it.

If this is you, you might feel greater resistance to actually going out and changing your hairstyle. Our advice to you guys is to start slow, and make minor changes to whatever your current style is. That way not only will you be more comfortable but also the people around you. Not that you should care what they think but if you’re improving you will get reactions and we understand how hard it can be for some to deal with them.

A new hairstyle draws attention from those who’ve known you especially if it’s very different than what they’re used to seeing you with because your hair basically becomes a part of your personality. People have a mental image of you and your hair is part of that image because it communicates different things about you to others.

What is your hair communicating right now? The subculture you’re a part of? The way you handle and treat yourself? Your self-worth? The image you want to portray to other people? It could be all of these things. It might sound crazy to some but hairstyles really do give a peek into someone’s inner world. It’s just one of the many ways your personality is manifested into your physical appearance.

When you change your hairstyle they now have to reconsider who you are. Seriously. When you change your hair, you change you.

And as hard as it may be — try to be objective about yourself. Some of you reading this are insecure over a facial feature that you attempt to minimize or cover up with your hair. Some of you really might be doing yourselves a favor by covering up a larger forehead or growing the sides to cover big ears.

Some of you on the other hand, are exaggerating your flaws out of proportion and aren’t doing yourselves any favors. You’ve become accustomed to your hair and any drastic change will make you think you’re exposing your bad features. Make sure you actually have a reason to worry by getting real feedback from people.


Don’t underestimate what a good haircut will do for you.

Besides a nice confidence boost, we’ve seen guys completely transform their appearance and practically become new people. Simply by changing up their hair! Why would it be any different with you?

You could have an attractive face but if it’s hidden under long, unkempt hair or a bad hairstyle it’ll never get a chance to shine. A good cut will make the most of your features, give you versatility by being able to wear it in different variations and in different situations, and also communicate something about your personality.

Now that you’ve read this intro and are thinking about the right things it’s time to find your face shape and continue to narrow down your search.

| Last Updated: Mar 11, 2021