Hey there! Do you have cool a hairstyle? Seriously, do you get compliments and people asking where or how you get it done?

We can use your help!

We’re curating hairstyle galleries for men and women. These hairstyle galleries are meant to serve as virtual lookbooks for readers to gain inspiration from and help develop their own hairstyle.

Think about the magazines and posters in hair salons showing off different hairstyles. This is an online version which will be composed entirely from our own community’s pics.

How Will My Pic Be Used?

The only places your pic will be used are in the hairstyle galleries, and potentially in articles as a visual element if your hairstyle is a good example of what we’re talking about. Your picture may also be modified. This means stuff like resizing it if it’s too large or small and cropping out the background or adding a filter. By submitting your pic below you’re giving us permission to do exactly that — and nothing else.

What Kind of Pics Are You Looking For?

We’re looking for high quality pics of good-looking hairstyles. What’s a high quality pic?:
  • Not blurry
  • Not too small
  • A good shot/angle of your hair.
  • Nothing distracting in the background.
  • The focus is on your hair and face.
If you have a unique hairstyle (or at least something interesting) that’s a plus. Before and afters also greatly increase your chances of having your pic chosen.

As our way of saying thanks, if you give us permission to use your first name or want people to find your social media accounts, leave us your @ name or a link to your Instagram/Twitter/etc. profile and we’ll include it along with your picture!

If you have any questions before you submit please don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@maxmylooks.com and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

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